The do’s and don’ts of email marketing

Jun 6, 2018 9:29:59 AM / by Michele

Email marketing is a proven and effective way for marketers to connect with their customers, enabling them to build long, loyal and profitable relationships. Done properly it can reap rewards over and over again. Done badly, it’s a great opportunity missed and worse still - a waste of money. So it’s really worth taking time to consider best practice and looking at some key do’s and (definite) don’ts of email marketing.

Lists. Grow your own


Always grow your own email list. You can generate your own lists by using high quality lead magnets, which offer something of value to your customers such as money-off or free goods or services.This will create a strong first impression to your customers, showing them how much you value their custom and so encourage them to sign up to ongoing communication with you.

Ensure that any list you generate is GDPR compliant to keep your customer data safe and secure.


Buy lists. There are so many reasons why this is bad practice - from the untrustworthiness of bought lists to the fact that you’ll undoubtedly get a poor response rate,

The right emails to the right people


Segment your email lists. Why? Because it will enable you to target your email campaigns with greater accuracy, so that you only ever send the right messages to the right people. You can base the segmentation on interests, location, special holidays, or anniversary celebrations.


Send the same email to every subscriber on your list. You may well send information that is of no interest and will therefore irritate the customer.

It’s all about timing


Give your emails the best chance of being opened by sending them at the right time for your customers’ time zones. If you need help with this, there are email marketing service companies with advanced technologies to help you work this out.

Do send out a welcome email shortly after they sign up with you. In this way you’ll get your relationship off to the right start. Welcome emails give you the perfect opportunity to say a friendly ‘hello’, re-introduce yourself and set expectations as to what kind of future emails your recipients will be receiving from you and how often.


Send all your emails at the same time.

Make your customers wait to hear from you, after they have signed up with you.

Be an attention seeker


Use personalisation every time to grab your reader’s attention. A personalised email has 26% more chance of being opened and then boosting conversion. Being friendly also helps create a better connection with your customer - a connection you can build on.

Use an attention-grabbing subject line and pre-header. Pre-header text gives your message more context and encourages your reader to open the email.


Send one generic email that talks to no-one or forget your pre-header text.

Be dynamic


Use dynamic content that is tailored to your target market and their attributes. Focus on their gender, age, preferences and location to ensure your content stays fresh and relevant.


Use the same images and copy for every customer. If the content’s not relevant it could easily damage your customer relationship.

CTAs - all content leads to this


Deliver an actionable, inspiring and engaging CTA.  It’s the biggest content opportunity in your email. So be sure to build contextual content around your CTA that also helps inspire a click.


Forget the CTA (yeah - it happens). And don’t clutter the space with a CTA that’s too big or diminish it with one that’s too small, or confuse with too many CTAs.

And are you doing?1col_metrics-1


Collect and measure your data to assess the success of your campaign. Use your reporting tools to measure open and click through rates. And use A/B testing tools to test everything from subject lines to opt-in forms.


Ignore your email marketing reporting or analytics and assume everything is just doing well.


Written by Michele


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